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Sri Lanka Hotel Guide

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Sri Lanka Holidays Hotel Guide

January 17th, 2009

Riolta Sri Lanka Holidays Hotel Guide Sri Lanka Hotels Sri Lanka Hotels complement & supplement Sri Lanka Holidays to the hilt, no holds barred. Sri Lanka Holidays is a home of distinctive architecture.

“We have a marvelous tradition of building in this country that has got lost. It got lost because people followed outside influences over their own good instincts. They never built right “through” the landscape. You must “run” with the site; after all, you don’t want to push nature out with the building”

Geoffrey Bawa (1919-2003)
Geoffrey Bawa followed up his words with deeds & built magnificent tourist hotels, splendid University of Ruhuna & Island in the sun, over the stream Parliament of Sri Lanka, Simamalaka Shrine of Gangaramaya Temple, Colombo in the tradition of ancient Sinhalese architecture.

Sri Lanka Hotels of Sri Lanka Holidays designed by Bawa during his lifetime, today run an extra mile to retain Bawa Certification. Geoffrey Bawa Hotels are the pioneer eco-oriented luxury Sri Lanka Hotels of Sri Lanka Holidays. In the backdrop of diversity & variety of tourist attractions of the ancient tropical island of Sri Lanka, the Land of Delights, Sri Lanka Holidays has something for everyone. The multitude of accommodation options in the wide spectrum of Sri Lanka Hotels rise up with great splendor to the grandeur of Sri Lanka Holidays. Sri Lanka Holidays serve expectations, interests & activities of yours to fullest extent, bringing forth the Total Holiday Experience (THE).

Then again, supplementing & complementing Sri Lanka Holidays, Sri Lanka Hotels play no second fiddle. Some of the Sri Lanka Hotels in the caliber of Vil Uyana at the Sigiriya Lion Rock Citadel  (A UNESCO World Heritage Site -WHS), Heritance Kandalama close to Golden Dambulla Rock Temple (WHS); Boulder Gardens on the fringes of Singha Raja Lion Rock Rain Forest (WHS); The Tea Factory close to Horton Plains (WHS); Amangalle, within the confines of VOC Galle Dutch Fort World Heritage site (WHS) of superior ecological & architectural splendor are Sri Lanka Holidays attractions in their own rights.

Amidst the numerous cultural attractions of resplendent Sri Lanka are Sri Lanka Eco Master Hotels spanning across the wide spectrum of accommodation: conventional hotels, boutique hotels, rest houses, guest houses, villas, lodges and camps. Bordering the pristine beaches & in the shade and shelter of vast coconut groves of Sri Lanka Holidays are Sri Lanka Beach Master Hotels, rest houses, boutique hotels, guest houses, villas & lodges. Amidst the seamless tea plantations are Sri Lanka Colonial Master Hotels that consist of rebuilt or renovated colonial bungalows.

Then again in the Central Highlands of salubrious climate & magnificent landscape of the ancient tropical island of Sri Lanka are Sri Lanka Highland Master Hotels that run across the entire gamut of accommodation: conventional hotels, boutique hotels, villas, lodges, rest houses & guest houses, all nestled high up in the hills. Sri Lanka Hotels built in a wide array of architecture, mostly with the eco concept to the forefront, have taken a leaf from Sri Lanka Holidays to create the synthesis of the Total Holiday Experience in the ancient topical island of Sri Lanka, the Land Of Delights.

We reveal for you to revel in My Sri Lanka, Our Island, The Resplendent Island.

“Dear me, it is beautiful. And most sumptuously tropical.”

That was Mark Twain’s comment when his ship reached Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) in 1896. Sri Lanka

The Land of Delights Riolta Lanka Holidays (Pvt.) Ltd., Lakshapatiya, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka & Ivory Gardens, Kandana, Sri Lanka Proudly Presents Riolta Sri Lanka Hotel Guide To The Vast Range Of Accommodation, Legendary Hospitality of The Sinhalese.

My Sri Lanka, Our Island Will Prevail!

Hail the Heroes of the Nation & Prince Diyasena of “Revolt in The Temple” (April 1953), the maestro of “The Turn of the Screw” at “The Turn of the Tide” from 26th July 2006 at Mother River, Our Mother Lanka, to 19th May 2009 at “The Sea of Conches”, My Sri Lanka, Our Island.

This Land is My Land; This Land is Our Land, from Point Pedro to Dondra Head.

Sri Lanka Hotels Range of Accommodation Options
Sri Lanka Hotels spread over a wide array of hotels of international standing to budget accommodation.
The top of the flight luxury accommodation options range from five star resorts to handsome colonial mansions: eco-oriented hotels, boutique hotels, villas and tea estate bungalows. The high end luxury accommodation are in such close proximity to cultural, wildlife and nature attractions of Sri Lanka Holidays, staying in these hotels itself could turn out to be an overwhelming joy indeed.
You may enjoy the lavish hospitality of top of the flight 5 star accommodation or opt for Sri Lanka Hotels of lesser standing. The tourists can even go for budget accommodation at guest houses or rest houses. If you are travelers on your own, you may easily rent a room with an attached bathroom in a friendly family home. The tourists who wish to enjoy at Sri Lanka Beaches could put them up at beach side cabana style accommodation too.

But then again, Sri Lanka Holidays doesn’t feature dormitory-style accommodation at all, that is available, two a penny, all over in India. That is to say Sri Lanka doesn’t cater well for pot smoking shoe-string counter culture long-haired, scantily clad hippy-like smelly weeds of the affluent countries. Those narcotic addicted weird weeds could even be refused visa on arrival and deported in the very next flight. Drug smuggling could evoke capital punishment in Sri Lanka.
Sri Lankans, the local tourists who love to tour their beautiful island, as a nation find their way into reasonable facilities of privacy, space, and room. And they would hardly dish out accommodation facilities that they themselves wouldn’t choose, to the foreign tourists. Having said that, I must hasten to stress, in comparison to other Asian destinations, Sri Lanka Hotels rates, as a convention, produce high value for your hard-earned money. With numerous accommodation options available, you are free to enjoy the best Sri Lanka has to offer for a fraction of the price that your highness would pay in the western countries. You are treated right royally at Sri Lanka Hotels.

Eco-oriented Hotels & Lodges
Pride of the parade of Sri Lanka Holidays is taken by eco-oriented hotels designed by Sri Lanka’s foremost architect Geoffrey Bawa (1919–2003). Among the numerous modern hotels, the stunning sophisticated hotels with eco-orientation stands out like beacons of Sri Lanka Holidays: they are tourist attractions of their own right. In addition to Geoffrey Bawa hotels, Sri Lanka boasts of numerous other eco-oriented luxury Hotels.
Developers of Sri Lanka Holidays have risen up to the occasion caused by modern trend towards eco tourism to reap the benefit of its outstanding eco tourism potential. Sri Lanka is one of the 34 bio-diversity hot spots of the world. The latest grand scale hotel development project is Dutch Bay Resorts of “Kalpitiya Integrated Tourism Development Project”, the newly launched eco-oriented mega tourism project of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Hotels rates
Sri Lanka Hotels rates are at a slight variance during the year: the main tourist season during November to March records the higher end of the rates of Sri Lanka Hotels throughout the island, significantly in the western and southern beach resorts. But then bargains galore in the off seasons. During the month of April Sri Lanka Hotels and guest houses are in heavy demand in Nuwara Eliya, the prime colonial sanitarium of Central Highlands. Then again the tourist season for eastern coast (April to September) also records higher rates though confined strictly to the Sri Lanka Hotels in the eastern coast of Sri Lanka.Take a leaf from the book of Sri Lanka’s heroic Defence Forces: nothing is impossible. bunpeiris



September 4th, 2015




RIOLTA RENT-A-CAR is based in Kandana, Sri Lanka 15km south of CMB Bandaranyake International Airport at Katunake, Negombo of Sri Lanka.

Reliable, Economical, Luxurious, Yours: RELY on us

All your firm bookings will be confirmed with a emailed confirmation.

B. Upul N. Peiris
Riolta Lanka Holidays (Pvt.) Ltd.,
99/76,  A Mithra Avenue, Ivory Gardens, Old D. R. O. Road, Kandana, Sri Lanka
Tel: 94 11 2232937  email:   email:
Mobile ( for emergency): 94 777 1000 60  and 94 071 427 9379

Toyota  Axio car hire with chauffeur
Per kilometer: LKR 45


Toyota KDH Super Long van hire with chauffeur
Per kilometer: LKR  55


Green Paradise Resort Dambulla

May 28th, 2013

The Green Paradise Resort location
The Green Paradise Resort is located in Dambulla, home to Sri Lanka Holidays Cultural Attraction of Rangiri Dambulu Viharaya [Sinhala: Golden Dambulla Rock Cave Temple], a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Dambulla, the central location and a transportation hub of Sri Lanka Holidays Cultural Triangle is located 148km from Colombo in Wewe Bandi Rata [Sinhala: land of the man-made irrigation reservoirs] or the north-central plains of Sri Lanka.
Green Paradise Dambulla, Sri Lanka Cultural Triangle

Reaching The Green Paradise Resort, Dambulla
The Green Paradise Resort can be reached from Colombo first by taking A1 main road and then continuing on A6 main motor road.

Setting of The Green Paradise Resort, Dambulla
The Green Paradise Resort is set amidst the lush vegetation of the agricultural zone of Dambulla. All 67 eco-oriented villas of The Green Paradise Resort are ensconced in the verdant gardens.

Green Paradise Hotel Dambulla Sri Lnka Holidays

Sustainable tourism (Green i.e., eco) credentials of The Green Paradise Resort : to be edited.

Type of the Hotel & Star rating of The Green Paradise Resort : an eco-oriented hotel that offers accommodation in the form of villas.

Green Paradise Resort, Sri Lanka

Accommodation at The Green Paradise Resort
Green Paradise Resort features 17 Cozy Deluxe rooms (35 sqm), 40 Superior Duplex rooms (90 sqm) and 10 Garden Suites (120 sqm).

Green Paradise Resort, Sri Lanka Holidays Dambulla, North Central Plains

Superior Duplex rooms that accommodate up to 4 persons are perfect for families or guest are furnished with queen size bed, teak furniture’s, shower with private bathroom, TV, air conditioning, safe box, mini bar, tea and coffee facilities and private veranda.

Garden Suites that accommodate up to 4 persons are semi detached units consisting of 2 suites per unit, all with interconnecting doors are ideal for large families or groups who wish to have their own private space.
the rooms features king size bed, wooden flooring, teak furniture’s, shower with private bathroom, TV, air conditioning, safe box, mini bar, tea and coffee facilities, outdoor Jacuzzi and a large private veranda for private dining and relaxation.

Green Paradise Sri Lanka Cultural Triangle

Facilities at The Green Paradise Resort
Swimming Pool with Bar, kids pool, jacuzzi, Spa Centre, Gym,
Shopping arcade, Wi-fi and internet connectivity
Sports area to play cricket and soccer
Dining: restaurans and bars
Orchid Restaurant , the main restaurant, set up with elegant dining tables, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with aselection of choice international dishes. Theme nights are held on selected days of the week.
The Salt & Pepper Restaurant, a fine dining restaurant serves snacks and light meals.
Pizzeria Al Forno by the poolside serves pizza.
Blue Elephant Bar serves a range of cocktails. The night entertainment includes light music programs, weekly fashion show and traditional cultural shows.

Green Paradise, Kandalama, Dambulla, Sri Lanka

Excursions off The Green Paradise Resort
The central location of Dambulla, a Sri Lanka Holidays transportation hub makes it easier for the Sri Lanka Holidays tourists to visit most of the surrounding Sri Lanka Holidays attractions
Sigiriya Lion Rock Citadel located 10km north-east of The Green Paradise Resort
Ibbankatuwa Ancient burial ground 17km south-west of The Green Paradise Resort
Dambulla Rock Cave Temple 13km south-west of The Green Paradise Resort
Kandalama ancient irrigation reservoir 5km west of The Green Paradise Resort


Cranford Villa

May 23rd, 2013

Cranford Villa location
Cranford Villa is located in scenic Diyatalawe [157km from Colombo; altitude: 1500 meters above sea-level] of salubrious climate encompassed within Sri Lanka Health Triangle of the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka. Diyatalawa, the military canton town of the Central Highlands is also in the zone where Ceylon Tea of Sri Lanka, the finest Black Tea is produced.

Cranford Villa, Sri Lanka Holidays Health Triangle Ceylon, Central highlands

Reaching Cranford Villa
Reaching Cranford Villa in Diyatalawa can be reached from Colombo by Sri Lanka’s Highland Railway line [ Diesel Electric Locomotive Engines] as well as by motor road.

Cranford Villa Diyatalawe,Sri Lanka Holidays Health Triangle, Central Highlands

Setting of Cranford Villa
Cranford Villa is set amidst the misty mountains and tea plantations.

Sustainable tourism (Green i.e., eco) credentials of Cranford Villa: to be edited.

Cranford Villa, Diyatalawe

Architecture & Interior deco of Cranford Villa
The renovated building retains its British colonial architectural beauty intact beginning with the very entrance that features a flight of stone steps, leading to a wide colonial-style spacious veranda facing the garden, to all sections, not to forget the quaint fire-place.

Cranford Villa Diyatalawe, Ceylon Health Triangle, Central highlands

Type of the Hotel & Star rating of Cranford Villa: a renovated and refurbished British colonial bungalow.

Accommodation at Cranford Villa
Cranford Villa consists of five newly refurbished bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. The two deluxe rooms feature their own televisions set up with local and international channels.

Cranford Villa Diyatalawe, Ceylon Health Triangle, Central highlands, Sri Lanka

Facilities at Cranford Villa
Cranford Villa takes pleasure in arranging barbecue, outdoor breakfast and Candle-lit dinner in the landscaped garden or in the summer house. Meals, prepared of fresh vegetables grown in the Cranford Villa’s garden, are served at timings suited to the guests.
Hot water Jacuzzi
Cranford Villa Diyatalawe, Ceylon Health Triangle, Central highlands, Sri Lanka
Leisure at Cranford Villa
Stroll in the extensive garden of Cranford Villa
Outdoor games of basketball or badminton.
Indoor games of carom & darts
Extensive DVD library of Cranford Villa

Excursions off Cranford Villa
The central location of Diyatalawe makes it easier to visit most of the surrounding Sri Lanka Holidays attractions
Horton Plains National Park [a UNESCO World Heritage Site]
Lipton’s seat [a vantage point in a tea estate where Thomas Lipton used enjoy the surrounding views in the mornings] in Sri Lanka Holidays Haputale
The magnificent opening amidst the mountain ranges called Ella Gap in the paradise village of Ella
Ravana Ella & Diyaluma Ella waterfalls
Dambatenna Tea Factory
Demodara railway loop
16th century Bogoda Wooden Bridge


Centara Passikudah

May 17th, 2013

Centara Passikudah Resort Location
Centara Passikudah Resort in Passikudah Beach is located 238km north east of Colombo on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka.
Centara Passikudah Resort is 114km south of Sri Lanka Holidays attraction of ancient & colonial sea-port city of Trincomalee and 34km North of Batticoloa.

Centara Passikudah Resort, Sri Lanka Holidays

Reaching Centara Passikudah Resort
By motor road
Passikudah can be reached from Sri Lanka Holidays attraction of Trincomalee [114km] and Sri Lanka Holidays cultural attraction of Polonnaruwa [73km] of Sri Lanka Cultural Triangle as well as from Colombo [238km]
By air
It is reached either by road from Polonnaruwa of Sri Lanka Holidays Cultural Triangle, or via a Sri Lanka Air Force Helicopter Flights to the nearby town of Batticaloa or by a short 90 minute drive on a fine stretch of road from Trincomalee, which can be reached by road as well as by air.

Centara Passikudah Resort & Spa.

Setting Centara Passikudah Resort
Centara Passikudah Resort is right on the beach of Passikudah bay. With a large coral reef that protecting the bay. The calm and shallow sea is always in ideal condition for swimming wind surfing as well as kayaking.

Sri Lanka Holidays Sustainable tourism (Green and eco) credentials of Centara Passikudah Resort: to be edited.

Centara Passikudah Resort.

Centara Passikudah Resort & Spa

Accommodation at Centara Passikudah Resort
The hotel features beautifully appointed 126 spacious rooms and suites with each featuring a private balcony or terrace. The rooms categorized Superior, Deluxe Ocean Facing, Premium Deluxe Ocean, Deluxe Suite Ocean Facing, Deluxe Family Residence, Deluxe Center & Premium Deluxe Spa Suite

Facilities at Centara Passikudah Resort
In-room facilities
Coffeemaker, refrigerator and Internet access

Centara Passikudah Resort, Sri Lanka

In-house facilities at Centara Passikudah Resort
24 hour room service, disabled facilities, babysitting & family room,
Airport transfer & elevator
Night club
laundry service/dry cleaning
Free WiFi access, business center, concierge & meeting facilities
Bay Ballroom with a capacity of 150 persons.

centara, Sri Lanka

Dining: restaurants and bars
Reef Café(main restaurant) all-day dining restaurant offering breakfast, lunch and dinner
Spice Market (Sub Restaurant Asian, Thai)
Elements (Asia, India, Middle eastern)
Aqua (lounge bar), serving drinks and light meals al fresco style overlooking the Infinity Pool and the beach.

Centara Passikudah Resort., Eastern Coast, Sri Lanka

Leisure and recreation at Centara Passikudah Resort
Kids club,Spa, fitness center, swimming pool kids pool &garden,
Kayaking, windsurfing and water sports

Passikudah Bay Sri Lanka Holidays

Excursions off Centara Passikudah Resort
Kalkudah beach close to Passikudah
Nilaveli beach at Trincomalee

Other Sri Lanka Holidays luxury tourist beachfront hotels in Passikudha beach
Anilana Pasikuda that features chalets, suits, lofts & rooms
Uga Bay, a 5 star luxury beachfront hotel Uga Bay that offers of 46 spacious rooms, a Bay Suite and a Beach Chalet.
Malu Malu Resort & Spa, Pasikudah that consists of 40 chalets.
Amethyst Resort Passikudah (Pasikuda) that has 40 Chalets


98 Acre Resort

May 4th, 2013

98 Acre Resort and Spa Location
98 Acre Resort is located in the paradise like village of Ella that forms the easternmost point of Sri Lanka Holidays Health Triangle, which also encompasses market garden town of Bandarawela, military canton township of Diyatalawa and Nuwara Eliya, the capital city of Ceylon Tea. All of these were sanatorium hill stations to ailing soldiers, motor road & railroad builders and irrigation engineers etc of British Ceylon.

09 Acre Resort Ella, Highland Health Triangle, Sri Lanka Holidays

The undisputed highlight of the village of Ella is Ella gap: an opening in the mountain range that affords, on a clear day, a telescopic sight through the plains nearly 1000m below and across to the Great Basses lighthouse off southern sea port and Int’l airport city of Hambantota of the Deep South of Sri Lanka.

98 Acres Resort Ella, Central highlands, Sri Lanka Holidays

Reaching 98 Acre Resort and Spa
The village of Ella can be reached by Highland railway line from Colombo-Kandy-Bandarawela-Ella as well by main motor road Colombo-Hatton-Nuwara Eliya-Ella [226km].
The resort owned helipad offers the convenience of landing just 5 minutes away from the resort and transport would be arranged via golf buggies to transfer the guests from the helipad.

98 Acre Resort Ella, Sri Lanka Health Triangle

Setting of 98 Acre Resort and Spa
98 Acre Resort’ is built on Central Highland’s Tea Estate that spans no less than 98 acres. It’s hidden highland haven: it is of stunning landscape it is well shaded and sheltered; it is green; it is salubrious climate. Still more the resort is a novel conception that would suits all comers: families on holidays; weary trekkers; eco lovers.

98-acres-resort Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Holidays Sustainable tourism (Green and eco) credentials of 98 Acre Resort and Spa
The resort is built on an exclusive concept that interweaves pure relaxation with eco friendly tourism. The bulk of materials used in the construction are recycled products.
‘Illuk’ [a tall grass] straw has been made use of the set up the interior a s well as the roofing resulting in a cosy atmosphere in the salubrious climate, giving the resort an unmistakable rural appearance.
The battery powered golf buggies used in the transportation of guests within the hotel compound are of zero emissions and minimal sound pollution.

98 Acre Resort Ella

Architecture & Interior deco of 98 Acre Resort and Spa
Discarded railway sleepers have been put to good use in the construction of decks, walls and furniture. The furniture has been made by expert artisans from the locality using local and widely available timber which helps create a warm and rustic atmosphere. Rough hewn granite rock lend a simple, hand crafted elegance to the look and feel of each villa.

98 Acre Resort

98-Acres Central highlands

Accommodation at 98 Acre Resort and Spa
Resort has luxury and comfort guaranteed beautifully crafted six chalets with 12 rooms (six deluxe and six standards). There is ample space left in between the chalets making it ideal for quiet honeymooners or even for families.
Each Chalet opens up to scenic views of the misty mountains and is equipped with all modern amenities.
Each of the deluxe rooms has its own private living area and brings in mystique views of the Ella Gap and the Small Adam’s Peak.
The Standard rooms are bright and completed with laminated wooden balconies.


Facilities at 98 Acre Resort and Spa
The Resort’s open air restaurant that accommodates 50 pax serves a wide range of cuisines from authentic Sri Lankan dishes to Western, Continental and Oriental cuisine and ready to take on the choices of the guests.

98 Acres Resort Ella Central Highlands

Swimming Pool
The elegantly designed swimming pool affords peaceful dips to all guests while the kids would enjoy in the safety of the baby pool

Leisure and recreation at 98 Acre Resort and Spa
Bird watching
The resort facilitates a detailed bird watching programme or the bird lovers to explore the surroundings guided by the resident naturalist.
the resort provide cycles for its guests to trail along the woods within the area and explore the tranquil hillside with ease.

Excursions off 98 Acre Resort and Spa
Waterfalls Dunhinda, Diyaluma and Ravana
Lipton’s seat at Haputale
World’s End at Horton’s Plains


Chaaya Wild Yala

May 2nd, 2013

Location of Chaaya Wild Yala
Chaaya Wild Yala (previously Yala Village) is located in the village of Kirinda, 10km south of Sri Lanka Holidays cultural attraction of Tissamaharama [264km from Colombo], the gateway to Ruhuna Yala National Park, Sri Lanka’s second largest wildlife park.

Chaya Wild Yala Kirinda Sri Lanka Holidays

Reaching Chaaya Wild Yala
Chaaya Wild Yala can be reached from Colombo [CMB] as well as from the newly opened International airport at Hambantota [HIA].
From Colombo, Chaaya Wild Yala can be reached by A2 Southern coastal Road to the village of Debarawewa via southern seaport and Int’l airport city of Hambantota [238km] and then to Tissamaharama the gateway to Ruhuna Yala National Park.
Chaaya Wild Yala also can be reached via Sri Lanka Holidays Ratnapura [A4 main road], Uda Walawe and Nonagama [A18] and to Tissamaharama.

Chaya Wild Yala Kirinda Deep South Sri Lanka Holidays

Setting of Chaaya Wild Yala
Chaaya Wild Yala is set, bordering the Ruhuna Yala National Park on the east and the Indian Ocean to the south. Spanning 10 acres of jungle and endless miles of beach, Chaaya Wild is truly a nature resort of untamed beauty.

Chaaya Wild Yala Southern Coast Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Holidays Sustainable tourism (Green i.e., eco) credentials of Chaaya Wild Yala: to be edited.

Type of the Hotel and Star rating of Chaaya Wild Yala Hotel: When a hotel by the beach isn’t a beach hotel but a Safari Lodge- 4 star.
chaaya wild yala

Architecture & Interior deco of Chaaya Wild Yala
Chaaya Wild Yala built bordering the buffer zone of Ruhuna Yala National Park is seen as an extension of the park itself. Designed with rustic elegance it resembles game lodges in Africa.
Chaaya Wild Yala features wooden floors and interiors that resemble a camp, with textures and materials such as canvas, abstract animal prints that highlights a rugged, rustic look.

chaaya wild yala, Kirinda Safari Lodge Sri Lanka Holidays

Accommodation at Chaaya Wild Yala
Chaaya Wild Yala consists of 68 rooms and 8 beach chalets. All rooms & chalets are air conditioned and equipped with mini bar and telephone.
The Beach Chalets constructed in the beach on stilts are equipped with a private balcony that opens out to a view of the Indian Ocean.
Jungle Chalets are situated inland. The verandahs of Jungle Chalets bring in views of wild animals roaming in the bush.

Chaaya Wild Yala Sri Lanka Holidays

Chaaya Wild Yala Sri Lanka

In-room facilities at Chaaya Wild Yala
Air conditioned, Telephone with IDD, Cable TV, WiFi
Tea and coffee making facilities, Mini bar
Hair dryer, Complimentary toiletries
DVD Players (Available upon request),32″ LCD TV
Facilities at Chaaya Wild Yala :
Chaaya Wild Yala  has a pool, bars, restaurants, wheel chair access etc.

Facilities at Chaaya Wild Yala:
Chaaya Wild Yala  features a pool, bars and restaurants. Furthermore the amazing observation deck on the 2nd floor  affords a bird’s eye view of  Ruhuna Yala National Park.

chaaya wild yala safari lodge Sri Lanka

Excursions off Chaaya Wild Yala
A Jeep Safari in Sri Lanka Holidays Ruhuna Yala National Park
Visitng Sri Lanka Holidays Cultural Aattraction of  Tissamaharama.
Visiting ancient Rock Cave Monastery at Situlpauwe
Enjoy net fishing [ Maadal]at Palatupana beach
A tour of Debara Wewa ancient man-made irrigation reservoir
Visiting Sri Lanka Holidays city of Kataragama, the domain of god Skanda


Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions

April 26th, 2013

Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions’ location
Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions is located in the little village of Ethukale 3km from the Negombo city centre. Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions is 12km [20 mintues by motor road] from CMB Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport at Katunayake, Negombo. The city of Colombo is 39km [80 minutes] to the south.
While Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions’ sister hotels, i.e. Jetwing Beach Negombo and Jetwing Blue Negombo too are located within the walking distance on the same road called Porutota, Jetwing Lagoon Negombo  is located in the little fishing village of Thalhena, 10km south of  the Pavilions.

Jetwing ayurveda-pavilion, Negombo, Sri Lanka Holidays
Setting of Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions
Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions
is built close to the city center of Negombo.

Sri Lanka Holidays Sustainable tourism (Green i.e., eco) credentials of Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions: to be edited.
Type of the Hotel and Star rating of Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions: A specialized luxury hotel for Ayurvedic treatments
Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions  Negombo  Western Coast Sri Lanka Holidays
Architecture & Interior deco of Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions
While the Architecture at the property is of the conceptions of Geoffrey Bawa, Sri Lanka’s  foremost architect, the decor is inspired by ancient Sri Lankan paintings and each doorway has its own special mural.

Accomodation at Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions
Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions consists of a dozen accommodation cum treatment pavilions. Each pavilion, within its walled garden feature treatment beds, sun beds and a terrace.

jetwing ayurveda pavilions negombo Sri Lanka
Facilities at Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions
Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions is designed to offer absolute privacy and complete comfort.

In room facilities Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions
Individual air conditioning units in each room with temperature controls
Electric Power – 220V to 240V, Telephone with IDD facility
Open air luxury bath tub and separate shower, with hot and cold water
TV with international and Sri Lankan channels
Mini Refrigerator, Tea/ Coffee making facility
Electronic safe
Hair Dryer, bathrobe and slippers, shoehorn, umbrella and torch

Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions  Negombo
Herb & Spice Restaurant at Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions
Herb & Spice restaurant, an Ayurveda restaurant that specializes in preparing meals to suit guests on specific Ayurveda treatment programmes or dietary needs. It also serves an array of healthy as well as delicious dishes for those who wish to indulge in a bit more.

Spa at Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions
Spa at Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions offers its guest an extensive spa menu: healing touches of Ayurvedic massages, aromatherapy massage to reflexology and everything in between.

Excursions off Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions
Visiting Portuguese period Catholic Churches, ruins of the Dutch Fort and cemetery.
Boat ride on Sri Lanka Holidays Muthurajawela marshes bird sanctuary [22km south of Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions], home to numerous species of birds and fish, dragon flies and monitor lizards.


Jetwing Lagoon

April 24th, 2013

Jetwing Lagoon Hotel Location
Jetwing Lagoon Hotel is located in the village of Thalhena of the western coastal town of Negombo at a distance of 17km from CMB Bandaranayake Int’l Airport at Katunayake, Negombo.

Jetwing Lagoon Negombo Sri Lanka Holidays

Setting of Jetwing Lagoon Hotel
Jetwing Lagoon Hotel lies on a sliver of a land between the Indian ocean and Sri Lanka Holidays Negombo lagoon, the largest brackish water lagoon in Sri Lanka.

Jetwing Lagoon Hotel Negombo Western Coast  Sri Lanka Holidays
Sri Lanka Holidays Sustainable tourism (Green and Eco) credentials of Jetwing Lagoon Hotel
: Hotel owning/managing company claims
At the Jetwing Lagoon, a central chilling system powered by a biomass boiler (using cinnamon saplings) runs the air conditioners.
The hotel uses solar energy to power room lighting, hot water is generated by biomass boilers, and excess and waste water is recycled and used within the property.
A solar-powered mobile water purification and bottling plant now fills bottled water in glass bottles, which are made of 30 percent recycled glass.

Jetwing Lagoon Hotel Thalhena Negombo Sri Lanka Holidays
Architecture & Interior deco of Jetwing Lagoon
Designed in the traditional Sinhalese architectural tradition of light, space and air circulation that brings forth a sense of serene opulence & pure relaxation, Jetwing Lagoon Hotel blends well with modern luxuries. Complementing the architectural design and enhancing the ambience is the swimming pool that is double the size of Olympic swimming pool a set right in the midst of the building making the whole property revolving around it.

Jetwing Lagoon Negombo Sri Lanka
Type of the Hotel and Star rating of Jetwing
: 4 star beach hotel

Accommodation at Jetwing Lagoon
Jetwing Lagoon features 14 Deluxe rooms, 22 Bawa rooms, 14 Family rooms 04 Suites and 01 Honeymoon Suite

Jetwing Lagoon Negombo Western Coast Sri Lanka
Facilities at Jetwing Lagoon
In room facilities
Spacious bathrooms with a bath tub and hot/cold ‘rain’ showers
A well stocked mini bar with drinks and snacks, tea/coffee making facility, Ironing facility
LED TV with Cable channels, IDD phones and safe for valuables

Dining at Jetwing Lagoon: restaurants & bars
“Outrigger”, the main restaurant of relaxed atmosphere
“Geoffrey’s” , the fine dining restaurant set up facing the lagoon serves offers specialty cuisine.
”Blue Lagoon” also facing the lagoon serves a lavish menu.
“Palms” the well-stocked poolside bar that brings in views of Negombo lagoon.
“Kalapuwa”, the main bar serves the finest beverages, cocktails and spirits.

Jetwing Lagoon
General Facilities at Jetwing Lagoon
Foreign exchange encashment, acceptance of all major Credit cards
24 hour Room Service, Daily Housekeeping, Daily Newspaper
IDD facilities, Facsimile, E-mail and Internet services with complimentary Wi-Fi
Doctor on call Baby sitting at a charge, baby cots on request
Car rental, parking facilities, Laundry/dry cleaning
Gift shops, Postal facilities, Left luggage facility
A well stocked wine cellar for choice of wines
Meeting room with all modern conference facilities

Jetwing Lagoon Hotel, Thalhena Negombo Western Coast Sri Lanka
Leisure and recreation at Jetwing Lagoon
Swimming pool, Gymnasium
Water Sports: fishing Leisure boat rides Canoeing Wind surfing Sailing Water skiing
Nature excursions

Excursions off Jetwing Lagoon
Visiting Portuguese period Catholic Churches, ruins of the Dutch Fort and cemetery.
Boat ride on Sri Lanka Holidays bird sanctuary at Muthurajawela marshes [23km south of Jetwing Lagoon Hotel], home to numerous species of birds and fish, dragon flies and monitor lizards.


Jungle Beach Kuchchaveli

April 24th, 2013

Jungle Beach location
Jungle Beach Hotel is located in the beach of small tranquil coastal village of Kuchchaveli on the eastern coastal belt, 35km north of Sri Lanka Holidays Trincomalee. Halfway between Trincomalee and Kuchchaveli is scintillating Nilaveli bay beach.

Jungle beach Hotel Kuchchaveli Sri Lanka Holidays

Reaching Kuchchaveli
The gateway to Kuchchaveli is the seaport city of Trincomalee which can be reached by motor road as well as by railway line from Colombo. The distance to Kuchchaveli fromTrincomalee by motor road from the capital city of Colombo is 257km.
The distances from UNESCO World Heritage Sites Sri Lanka Holidays attractions of the Cultural Triangle are as follows.
Polonnaruwa 129 km; from Dambulla 106 km; from Sigiriya: 102km; from Kandy 182 km; from Anuradhapura 106 km.

jungle beach hotel Trincomalee Sri Lanka holidays

Setting of Jungle Beach
Jungle Beach is nestled within a secluded 10-acre reserve, sandwiched between the sea and a lagoon. A wide swath of gorgeous sand stretching over 4km is interspersed with tropical mangroves.

Architecture & Interior deco of Jungle Beach Hotel
Jungle Beach Hotel features luxurious villas of modern design crafted from indigenous materials as to appear emerging from the woods.

Sri Lanka Holidays Sustainable tourism (Green i.e., eco) credentials of Jungle Beach: to be edited
Type of hotel & star rating of Jungle Beach: luxury beach hotel

Jungle Beach Trincomalee Eastern Coast, Sri Lanka

Accommodation at Jungle Beach
Jungle Beach Hotel consists of 48 spacious & stylish villas featuring modern interiors, warm lighting and large windows. Each villa is equipped with a king sized beds, a sofa seating area, high-end entertainment system, Free Wi-Fi and outdoor rain showers.

Jungle Beach Hotel Kuchchaveli Sri Lanka

Facilities at Jungle Beach
Hotel Garden,24-hour front desk, private beach area, sun terrace, air-conditioning, facilities for disabled guests, safety deposit boxes & newspapers.

Jungle Beach Hotel Kuchchaveli Trincomalee Sri Lanka

Dining: restaurant & bar
Located near the main swimming pool with glimpses of the ocean, the open-air restaurant that seats 70 guests serves a fine selection of local and international dishes.
Room service is also available upon request.

Jungle Beach Trincomalee Sri Lanka Holidays

Leisure and recreation at Jungle Beach Hotel
The resort also offers a Fitness centre, Spa and wellness centre, Massage, Karaoke, Darts and Library.
Water sports facilities and BBQ facilities.

Jungle beach Sri Lanka Holidays
Services at Jungle Beach
Room service, Business center, Baby sitting, Laundry, Dry cleanings, ironing service
Currency exchange, Tour Desk, Fax/photocopying. Concierge service
Airport shuttle service.

Activities at Jungle Beach Hotel
Cycling, canoeing in the lagoon
Water sports: diving, snorkeling, fishing trip, scuba diving and jet skiing.

Excursions off Jungle Beach
Nilaveli Beac, also on the eastern coast 18km south of Kuchchaveli
Pasikuda Beach also on the eastern coast,142km south of Kuchchaveli
Kalkudah beach also on the eastern coast 152 km south of Kuchchaveli


Uga Bay Pasikuda

April 13th, 2013

Uga Bay location
Uga Bay is located in Pasikuda bay beach, which together with Kalkuda [9km to the south] and Nilaveli of Sri Lanka Holidays Trincomalee [125km to the north] forms the loveliest bay beaches of the eastern coast of Sri Lanka.

uga_bay_pasikuda Sri Lanka Holidays

Reaching Uga Bay
Uga Bay 5 star luxury beachfront hotel in Pasikuda beach can be reached by motor roads to running to Batticaloa district of eastern coast of Sri Lanka from Colombo.

Distances from CMB Bandaranayake Int’l Airport, Katunayake [BIA], Negombo [37km north of the capital city of Colombo]
(a) Via Dambulla [home to Dambulla temple – UNESCO World heritage site], Habarana [major transportation hub of the Sri Lanka Holidays Cultural Triangle] & Giritale sanctuary and the ancient capital city of Polonnaruwa [UNESCO World Heritage site] & Kalkudah bay beach: 299km
(b) Via Kandy [the gateway to the Central Highlands is a UNESCO World Heritage], ancient cultural site of Mahiyangana & Kalkudah bay beach:292km

Uga Bay, Sri Lanka Holidays

Setting of Uga Bay
Built facing the pristine tropical beach of breathtaking Pasikudha Bay.
Uga Bay is a beachfront hotel set amidst a nine-acre grove of coconut palm trees within the Tourism Development Zone spreading 150 acres earmarked for construction of 14 Sri Lanka Holidays Hotels.

Uga Bay Sri Lanka Holidays
Sustainable tourism (Green i.e., eco) credentials of Uga Bay: to be edited.

Architecture & Interior deco of Uga Bay
Uga Bay hotel is designed upon a fusion of contemporary tropical fused
with a Mediterranean theme.
Uga Bay Kalkudah Sri Lanka Holidays
Type of the Hotel & Star rating of Uga Bay: Beach hotel- 5 star

Accommodation at Uga Bay
Uga Bay comprises of 46 spacious rooms, a Bay Suite and a Beach Chalet.

Uga Bay, Pasikuda beach, Eastern Coast, Sri Lanka

Facilities at Uga Bay hotel
Dining: Local fishing boats bring in the fresh catch of the day for your delicious seafood feast. Internationally trained Chefs prepare world cuisine fused with local spices in state of the art kitchens and at beachside barbecues.

Uga Bay, Pasikudah, Eastern Coast, Sri Lanka Holidays

Leisure at Uga Bay hotel
Swimming Pool facing the Indian Ocean
Ayurvedic spas with dedicated treatment rooms

Uga Bay, Pasikuda, Sri Lanka Holidays

Excursions off Uga Bay hotel
Kalkuda bay beach located 9km north, also on the Eastern coast of Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka Holidays Maduru Oya National Park, 73km south-west of Pasikuda
The ancient city of Polonnaruwa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site 73km west of Pasikuda
Nilaveli bay beach of Trincomalee located125km north, again on the eastern coast of the Island


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